Currently I teach tenth and eleventh grade English at Delcastle Technical High School.  University of Delaware Library Sources [UDLib/SEARCH] is an important resource that I use several times a semester.

For starters, my students use the SIRS Issues Researcher for their Argument PowerPoints and Honors Global Issues Argument Essays.  The database helps students turn the topics into arguments, provides a timeline and background information, and global impact data.

In addition, all of my tenth grade students use In Context: High School, and all of the online encyclopedias for their background project on the novel Things Fall Apart.

With all of the databases, my students are able to find reliable sources and know how to cite them using APA format.  The APA information is available at the end of every article.

Please continue to fund the databases in the future.  The resources save students and teachers valuable instructional time and prepare them for post-secondary education.

—English Instructor at Delcastle Technical High School