PebbleGo Next Fall 2020

Access PebbleGo Next here.

Username: udlibsearch
Password: homeaccess

Trial Period: October 1, 2020  – November 30, 2020

PebbleGo Next databases provide 3rd-5th grade content designed for an array of topics: Biographies, Science, Social Studies, State Studies, and American Indian History.  These databases engage students with subject matter correlated to state & national curriculum standards.   PebbleGo Next databases contain read-aloud audio of text, as well as images, and video in each article.  In addition, these databases enhance instruction by providing critical thinking questions to encourage student reflection.

Please explore these trial databases, and email UDLib/SEARCH Staff to tell us if you think the PebbleGo Next databases would be useful additions to the UDLib/SEARCH Program.  If you have specific examples of how you could use these databases, that would be valuable information.  Thank you!