Training for Educators

The University of Delaware Library offers intensive workshops in using UDLib/SEARCH databases for all Delaware public school librarians, teachers, and administrators. These hands-on workshops emphasize basic and advanced searching techniques on all UDLib/SEARCH online full text databases.

Training sessions for UDLib/SEARCH are offered throughout the school year and any Delaware public school teacher, school librarian, or administrator may request information, assistance, or training.

For elementary school UDLib/SEARCH information and training contact Sarah Katz at (302) 831-6306 or by email at

For middle school UDLib/SEARCH information and training contact Dianna McKellar at (302) 831-0790 or by email at

For high school UDLib/SEARCH information and training, contact Maisha Carey at (302) 831-0935 or by email at

UDLib/SEARCH databases provide a variety of descriptive materials and instructional aids to help teachers and students to get the best use out of these resources. These include simple factsheets, online tutorials, virtual instruction through webinars and podcasts, as well as links to Delaware standards.