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Home Access to UDLib/SEARCH Databases

The UDLib/SEARCH program provides access to online magazines, newspapers, and encyclopedias via the Internet to all Delaware K-12 public and charter schools. All of the UDLib/SEARCH databases are also currently available at home to students, teachers, administrators, and parents of Delaware public K-12 students through a username and password that can be obtained from the librarian at each school. To access the databases at home, complete the following steps:

1. Contact the school librarian and request the username and password for home access to the UDLib/SEARCH databases. The e-mail address for the librarian at each school can be found on the following pages:

2. Use the appropriate grade level Website:

3. Choose a database.

4. Enter the username and password when prompted.

5. Search the databases to conduct research at home. UDLib/SEARCH Databases contain information on a variety of topics. Search several databases individually to gather the maximum results.

To obtain additional information about the UDLib/SEARCH Program, parents and educators should refer to the following web pages:

This page is maintained by Erin Daix, UDLib/SEARCH Training Coordinator, University of Delaware Library

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Last modified: 10/08/14