Summer Reading Content – Now Available: Trial Access to 4 Capstone Databases!

This summer it will be very important to keep students engaged with online learning.  We are excited to announce that Capstone has extended access to 4 databases until July 31!  PebbleGo Next, PebbleGo Read More, PebbleGo Health and Capstone Interactive can be accessed on the UDLib/SEARCH Trial Databases Page.

PebbleGo Next provides biographies, science content , social studies resources, state studies, and American Indian historical content at the 3rd – 5th grade reading level.  These databases engage upper elementary students with subject matter created for and correlated to state & national curriculum standards.

PebbleGo Read More provides 750 ebooks at the K – 2nd grade reading level.  These ebooks are found within the “Read More” tab in every article in PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Science.

PebbleGo Health focuses not only on physical health but also on social emotional learning for readers at the K – 3rd grade reading level.  Simply sign in to PebbleGo via the UDLib/SEARCH Elementary School Databases Page or the UDLib/SEARCH All Databases Page, and you will see PebbleGo Health alongside all of the other PebbleGo modules.  

Capstone Interactive is a collection of more than 3,000 ebooks.  The books include fiction and nonfiction.  They cover all subjects and all grade levels.  The heaviest concentration of titles is for elementary school.  Middle school coverage is moderate, and there is a small segment of content for reluctant high school readers.  Books can be read offline using an iTunes app.