UDLib/SEARCH Support During COVID-19

As we all work together to keep students engaged with educational content during COVID-19, we would like to make you aware of the following educational resources.  The UDLib/SEARCH program provides a variety of online educational content for use by Delaware public school students and educators.  UDLib/SEARCH delivers databases that provide hundreds of ebooks as well as a variety of educational videos, images, and audio files.  You also have access to thousands of articles  from magazines and newspapers.  In addition, UDLib/SEARCH provides encyclopedias, such as Britannica and World Book, in English and in Spanish.  There are educational reports, statistics, charts and graphs.  UDLib/SEARCH is accessible to all students, providing content at all reading levels from K-12, and the read aloud feature in most databases allows articles to be be read to students with just one click.
Please contact UDLib/SEARCH staff for the username and password to access the UDLib/SEARCH databases.  If you would like help using the UDLib/SEARCH databases, please contact us, and we would be happy to explain which databases would be best for your research and how you would find the information that you need.


The Delaware Department of Education and the Delaware Libraries have each created an educational resources page that will provide valuable information to parents, students, and educators.